Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why I Dislike Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni And Paratopia

This is Parody!

Hi my darlings Mike B here. I was just going through some old emails and found one from those two $hits at

I asked politely to be on their show and this is how they treated yours truly.

31 February 2012

Dear Mike,
Please stop sending me begging emails concerning being on the Paratopia podcast show.  Jeff and I think you are a fraud and a Con-Artist. Not to mention being bald a sure sign of Ufolological improprieties.
We noticed that you have appeared with Sean David Morton a proven liar in court. Birds of a feather Mike, birds of a feather.

So without any further comment from Jeff and I It would be best if you just crawled back under the rock from which you sprang.

Hope this email finds you well and in good spirits,

The Paratopia Team. 

Well darlings, what a way to talk to a STAR like me. I was shocked! I sent them 34 emails to my recollection, now that is hardly begging is it?

Sean David Morton as you know my lovely readers is a super man and Just because he makes things up does in no way mean he is a liar.

OOO I am so cross I almost kicked Mr Twinkle one of my new Cats. I know darlings not a Grey Alien Cat, just your regular tabby.

Well I just wanted my lovely fans to know how awful these no ones at Paratopia are. Also their show ended. Well good riddance to bad trash I say.

Love n Light and Blessing to all my true fans MB xoxoxoxoxoxo

The Choice, An Amazon Reviewer Writes, Damn Her Opinions

This is an actual review of Mikes book.

1.0 out of 5 stars Who is the blithering idiot now Mike ?, July 24, 2012
Emmy "Emmy" (Santa Cruz, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World (Paperback)
I read this book on the recommendation of my son. He was laughing as he handed it to me, and, actually apologized for having me read it. But I was assured that as a retired physics teacher I would find it "amusing."
Ok, I can handle amusing. I can even handle funny. What I cannot handle is complete and utter rubbish being written about a subject I taught for 40 years.

I won't go into each error in the book. That has already been done well enough in the previous reader reviews. What I will say however is that Mike Bara should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. He must know that he is penning tripe. Is it possible that someone who does not understand the simple maths required to calculate the orbit of a satellite would be allowed to get away with writing an entire chapter about such, that is complete bunkum ?

Apparently so. The entire contents of chapter 12 are based on Mike's misunderstanding of orbital calculations. That is to say they must be measured from the center of the planet. Not the surface of the planet. It's such a disgraceful error I am shocked that it found it's way to print. Doesn't Mike have a technical editor ?

He should have. That would have saved him the huge embarrassment of being made look a fool. By the very people he despises.


The following Reply is "Parody" in the style of Mike Bara

Well Thank you Emmy for posting that review on Amazon.  I realize that I made a few errors in my book, but that is only because I do not have a clue what I am talking about. I just made it up as I went along. How else do you expect me to become a STAR if I do not have a list of books to form this foundation.

I just figured if I get my face known and do the rounds at UFO conferences people would buy my book on good faith that they would be getting some kind of hidden truth, or words of wisdom.

I on the other hand just want to make money from gullible people that buy into any old poop that self proclaimed experts like me write.

My bank and I thank you for your purchase... No refunds sorry.. if you read the small print it clearly says "sucker beware".

Love n Light and blessings  MB

A Message To The STAR Of Ancient Aliens Mike Bara

This is a copy of a message I sent to Mike Bara's Youtube Channel

Dear Mike.
I enclose a copy of the message you left on Facebook.

"Wow kind of a demented *ucktard do you have to be to create a site like this, much less link to it?"

Amazing grammar, and language there Mike and I laugh, you call yourself a writer?
I see with the use of the non-word "*ucktard", and I am taking a wild guess here that you and Jose Escamilla went to the same finishing school? You might have to look that one up Mike.

I really do expect a far superior retort from you Mike.
If you notice on the top of each post on the Blog it says the words "This is Parody". If you are not sure what the word means can I suggest finding a book called a Dictionary? This will help you greatly in your search for words and their meanings.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. "Michael Corleone" The Godfather Part II
Blocking me is unwise Mike as now you cannot see what I am posting. I on the other hand have my eyes on your Facebook. And Youtube Channel.

But above all Mike, take a lesson from The Choice and be more Zen about it all, Manifest and laugh at yourself. I am sorry you find that impossible to do. If you learned to laugh more you might actually find what we write or post up as videos actually funny. Just imagine a genuine smile on your face... Manifest it Mike, the Choice is yours.

Richard M Doland Never Answers My Telephone Calls

This is Parody!

I do not understand it.  I have left voice message after voice message, and countless emails, but Dick Doland never replies.
I have a brilliant, fantastic, amazing, even if I do say so myself Idea for a new book and I think a sure winner for the History Channel. I call it After, After Disclosure.
ADD as I want to title it is about once the World Governments have admitted we have an Alien presence and the Aliens have now finished their task here on Earth.  All the cloning has been finished and all the mining of precious ores and minerals, all the plant life collected, and all the Animal life (mainly Cows) DNA has been cored, sampled stored collected. So now the Aliens have said their goodbyes to all the really important leaders (meaning nor you or I), they have now departed back to whence they came. This is particularly annoying to me as I consider myself among the most important of people and I never received a Memo or even a visit from the MIB.
So now that everyone knows about the Aliens what do we Ufologist’s do now? I would have to go back to being an ordinary person not the GOD of Ufology as I am currently, but return to working for a construction company making Housing Projects for those disgusting poor people again.  Richard would probably do the TV news and chat show circuit for a while with “I told you so!”, but that would fade and he would have to return to his life of writing resumes for other people. David Wilcock would probably be lynched and hung from a tree for all the BS he has been spouting for over a decade. Richard C Hoagland, well he will carry on about Death Rays and the World Trade Center, and endless appearances on Coast 2 Coast now hosted by Professor Richard Dawkings, who would laugh, smirk and ridicule ever tiny aspect of Richards’s fake science.  What no George Noory! Yes he would still be on from time to time as a guest host slot in a special segment called “Yes crazy people, your turn to call in.” So no real change there in a certain sense.
The minor Ufologists, which form a list far too long.  They most probably will just in the metaphorical sense jump off something high on to something very hard.
Well as you can see ADD has endless possibilities for twists and turns and if again I do say so myself another chance for Richard M and myself to make a final cash in on the UFO subject.
Richard M Doland, please call me back our future destiny awaits.
Love n Light MD xoxoxoxo