Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Message To The STAR Of Ancient Aliens Mike Bara

This is a copy of a message I sent to Mike Bara's Youtube Channel

Dear Mike.
I enclose a copy of the message you left on Facebook.

"Wow kind of a demented *ucktard do you have to be to create a site like this, much less link to it?"

Amazing grammar, and language there Mike and I laugh, you call yourself a writer?
I see with the use of the non-word "*ucktard", and I am taking a wild guess here that you and Jose Escamilla went to the same finishing school? You might have to look that one up Mike.

I really do expect a far superior retort from you Mike.
If you notice on the top of each post on the Blog it says the words "This is Parody". If you are not sure what the word means can I suggest finding a book called a Dictionary? This will help you greatly in your search for words and their meanings.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. "Michael Corleone" The Godfather Part II
Blocking me is unwise Mike as now you cannot see what I am posting. I on the other hand have my eyes on your Facebook. And Youtube Channel.

But above all Mike, take a lesson from The Choice and be more Zen about it all, Manifest and laugh at yourself. I am sorry you find that impossible to do. If you learned to laugh more you might actually find what we write or post up as videos actually funny. Just imagine a genuine smile on your face... Manifest it Mike, the Choice is yours.

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