Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why I Dislike Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni And Paratopia

This is Parody!

Hi my darlings Mike B here. I was just going through some old emails and found one from those two $hits at

I asked politely to be on their show and this is how they treated yours truly.

31 February 2012

Dear Mike,
Please stop sending me begging emails concerning being on the Paratopia podcast show.  Jeff and I think you are a fraud and a Con-Artist. Not to mention being bald a sure sign of Ufolological improprieties.
We noticed that you have appeared with Sean David Morton a proven liar in court. Birds of a feather Mike, birds of a feather.

So without any further comment from Jeff and I It would be best if you just crawled back under the rock from which you sprang.

Hope this email finds you well and in good spirits,

The Paratopia Team. 

Well darlings, what a way to talk to a STAR like me. I was shocked! I sent them 34 emails to my recollection, now that is hardly begging is it?

Sean David Morton as you know my lovely readers is a super man and Just because he makes things up does in no way mean he is a liar.

OOO I am so cross I almost kicked Mr Twinkle one of my new Cats. I know darlings not a Grey Alien Cat, just your regular tabby.

Well I just wanted my lovely fans to know how awful these no ones at Paratopia are. Also their show ended. Well good riddance to bad trash I say.

Love n Light and Blessing to all my true fans MB xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy Vaeni is a fraud and a liar. He claims he has been abducted by aliens but if you notice that revelation has crept into "I don't know what happened to me... DUUUUHHH" over a period of time. Jeremy Vaeni is a con artist, Jeremy Vaeni is a snake oil salesman. He accuses other of things that he himself has done. If you see Vaeni, run in the opposite direction as quickly as you can.