Monday, October 1, 2012

Ancient Aliens Star Giorgio A. Tsoukalos writes to a STAR Mike Bara


Oh loves, your beautiful Mike B got this in the mail today. Read it viewers and say it is not so, say it say it.

September 25 2012

Dear Mike Bara,

My attention was drawn to your blog page where the title heading states that you claim to be the STAR of Ancient Aliens H2 series.
Mike I hate to have to deflate this particular bubble, but as the assistant producer of Ancient Aliens and its main commentator it is I Giorgio A. Tsoukalos that is the STAR of the show.
For Heaven’s sake Mike with all due respect you do not even have the hair for the show. Look at my Einsteinen locks Mike. I clearly am sporting the “mad genius” look.  Whereas you with your brushed forward look it speaks this to the viewer, “This guy does not even know a decent hairstylist, let alone an Ancient Alien”.This is quite frankly an embarrassment to the show.  We only kept your segments in for padding, if we had found a way to cut you from the show completely we would have done.

I wanted you out but the producer Kevin Burns overruled me on that decision.

So Mike less of the STAR of the show, an“Appendage”, would be more fitting on your blog.

Work on the hair Mike. Plugs a Toupee, or even extensions and you could be going places like me.

Remember E= MC Haired!

Faithfully yours,

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. The new Albert Einstein    BSC AFF LLC ET AA.

What can your STAR say to that my wonderful readers?  I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

But I must press on with my quest and with your money, I mean love readers Mike B will be a STAR!

Love n Light by the bucketful  MB xoxoxoxox

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