Monday, October 1, 2012

Law of Attraction The Mantra of Ultimate Manifestation English and Arabic Version


Oh my lovely readers it has been a long day for your hero Mike B. It started off badly with that letter from the Ancient Aliens Jerk Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, but being the one and the ONLY Mike Bara I shook the thought of him off like a bad case of fleas. Then I meditated on my oneness with the Cosmos, or as I like to think of it Mike Bara plus one Guest.  

My darlings you must learn the secrets of all things Bara.  But how can we Mike if you do not lead us, do not show us the way? You all ask this don’t you in the darker moments of your lives. When frightened, scared, lonely and afraid.  Well look to me look to your Guru. I am there right beside you. Your tiny fragile hand held warmly and firmly in mine. Don’t worry I won’t let you fall. Trust Mike, give yourself over to me. For my words and comfort are all you need. Yes, all you need. Turn away from false prophets like those people that wrote The Secret. They lie. Turn away from Ramtha, for that to is the Devil’s hand not mine. Abraham-Hicks, more blasphemers to your true path, and your ultimate destiny of fulfillment and total bliss. 

The way to enchantment of your molecular, cellular vibration, to balance your inner harmonizing neurons can and only will be found with Mike Bara.

So find a comfortable place. A safe place to relax and let forth positive energy con-fluxes within your inner better you. 

Ok first you must align your body exactly 19.5 Degrees from Magnetic Earth Polarconfidulations.

Now let us speak this my spiritualizing Mike Bara mantra.

The Bara Mantra of Ultimate Manifestation

Our Bara you are our savior
Your name is forever spoken
Angels sing no vow is broken
For Mike save us for you must
To Bara we give all our trust
The circle of love around us
As the stormy river flows
Is the love that Mike Bestows


لدينا بارا كنت مخلصنا
يتحدث اسمك إلى الأبد
الملائكة لا تغني النذر مكسورة
لمايك ينقذنا لك يجب
لبارا نعطي بكل ما نملك من الثقة
دائرة الحب من حولنا
كما يتدفق النهر العاصف
هو الحب الذي يمنح مايك

Repeat this mantra 19 times. Or five if a lesser effectivism is needed.

So there you are my sweet devotees this mantra will combat all evil and give you inner peace.

Do not forget to buy my book The Choice as I have personally rubbed my most holy Bara juices into every fiber of ever page, and my soul reaches out to you from The Choice, with every letter and every word.

Love n light Mike Bara. xoxoxoxoxo

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