Friday, September 28, 2012

Ufologists, Are We All Liars?

This is Parody!

As I ooze myself into my tight leather jacket my conscience troubled me. Why do so many in the field of Ufology just make stuff up?  I want to be a star of course, but this can not be all about me, what about the other people I hang around with. Now I know that Richard C Hoagland just has verbal diarrhea and loves the sound of his own voice so that probably explains his motives for an over active imagination. Well you can imagine the verbal masturbation we had together as we pretended to collaborate on Dark Mission. Richard thought me being some kind of Engineer would give the book a certain gravitas. I kept my pretty mouth shut for most of the time and just pressed the record button on my Dictaphone and let Richard ramble on about angles, faces, Nazis, Glass domes, and something about R2D2 from Star Trek. Apparently Richard was convinced Gene Rodenbury was in league with George Lecas and some builder types. Masons Richard called them.

To be honest I was glad when I finally got him into a taxi and out of my squalid apartment. Imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning with a Hooker and the phone was bleeping. " Mikey baby, it's Dickey C, we are on the NYT best seller list".  I wiped the drool from my mouth and asked the lady of the night to leave.  It was only an hour after she left that I realized she had stolen my wallet like I had stolen all the Law of Attraction ideas and made my own book The Choices.

Well So why do Ufologists tell big fibbings? Well for the money and the attention. We are basically all a bunch of loser nobodies that seized our chance for some cash and notoriety on the UFO conference circuit or circus as we in the know call it.

Well have to leave it here for now that Cassidy bitch from Camel project is on the phone. Apparently they are running out of people to interview that can come across half convincing on camera. She knows I can keep a straight face even when making the most wildest of claims...

I was on Coast .to Coast the other night. I will give you the inside of that farce later.

Well goodbye for now my darlings.. love n light and blessings from the Velussian Angels MB xoxoxox

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