Friday, September 28, 2012

Does Ufology Make You Bald?

This is Parody!

I have recently been looking at myself for hours in my bathroom mirror. Although I am obviously overweight I am still gorgeous.But even though I know I am wonderful I am noticing more and more the loss of hair to my wonderful cranium. The beard does help keep the viewers eye more to my lovely face than my head.

It does seem to me that the more interest I show in Ufology the less hair I have... Well look at Dr Steven Greer and Steven Bassett. Both heavy hitters in Ufology and both as barren as the surface of the Moon.

I also wonder if the Alien cats are stealing my hair in the middle of the night using remote preening. OMG I need to wear an anti Cat Hat. The grey cats, or just the Greys as they are known are probably the worst. Archons I think John Lash calls them. Gnostic Alien Archon Cats.

Watch out for the Gnostic Alien Archon Cats my dear dear friends. They will stop at nothing to get human hair. They are using sky elevators from the Moon to the North Pole where their UFOs are double parked, and into the night sky for hair abductions.

 Stay safe love n light MB xoxoxox

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